Book keeping

  • Using your checks, receipts, sales slips, and deposit slips, we record all cash receipts, cash, sales, and payroll.
  • Prepare and record adjustments to accounts receivables, accounts payable, inventory, and notes payable.
  • Prepare and record adjusting entries, to comply with Australian tax laws ¬†(modified cash basis, tax basis, etc).
  • Reconcile bank statements to your general ledger cash accounts.
  • Preparation of trading, profit and loss and balance sheet¬†.
  • Adjust your fixed asset sub-ledger for purchases and/or sales.
  • Prepare detailed general ledger and trial balance reports.
  • Review monthly financial package with you and answer any questions.
  • Review company-prepared general ledger and sub-ledgers (accounts receivable, payable, and fixed assets) for errors.
  • Prepare necessary adjustments and/or corrections to your general ledger and sub-ledgers.
  • Optionally prepare an income statement and balance sheet.


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