The payroll function firstly involves the establishment of a client’s Cashflow Manager account

followed by setting up the payroll function within Cashflow Manager by entering employees details

and establishing the requirements of the award involved to ensure that our clients employees are

paid the correct amounts in a timely manner. This can be quite time consuming as most awards will

contain various allowances, penalty rates and varying entitlements to leave. It is then necessary to

customise the Cashflow Manager file depending on the business requirements and frequency of

payments. Compensation forms and payroll tax calculations can also be performed based on the

Cashflow Manager Payroll data.

Requirements for every business are different, but below are a list of the specific payroll services we

can provide. Additionally, take a look at the packages we provide, or contact us.

  • Wages recorded on CASHFLOW MANAGER.
  • Annual Group Certificates.
  • Workers compensation preparation and lodgement.
  • Monthly & quarterly superannuation calculations.
  • Payslip preparation.
  • Calculation of payroll.
  • ATO Group certificate reconciliation.
  • Calculation of payroll tax and annual reconciliation.
  • Payment of superannuation.


If any doubt, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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